About Us


Becoming LearningFurLove certified not only shows your dedication to providing the best home possible to your furry companion, but you are also joining the compassionate LearningFurLove community that is actively addressing the issue of 6.5 million dogs entering shelters annually. Your commitment makes a difference, providing not only a better life for your pet but contributing to a brighter future for pets everywhere.

The Start

Embark on a Transformative Journey with LearningFurLove: The Course That Defines Pet Ownership Excellence

Welcome to LearningFurLove, a pioneering initiative dedicated to revolutionizing the landscape of pet ownership. At the core of our mission is a groundbreaking course designed to not only educate but to fundamentally transform individuals into exemplary pet owners. This comprehensive curriculum is not just a feature; it is the nucleus around which our entire initiative orbits.

The LearningFurLove Course: Unlocking Pet Ownership Excellence

At the heart of LearningFurLove lies a commitment to empower pet owners with the knowledge and skills essential for fostering a lifelong bond with their furry companions. Our course is meticulously crafted to address the root causes of pet abandonment, neglect, and surrenders.

Responsible Pet Ownership, Awareness, and Preparedness:

Our flagship course goes beyond traditional training, delving into the core principles of responsible pet ownership. From understanding your pet’s needs to creating a conducive environment, this course sets the foundation for a harmonious relationship.

Certification as a Symbol of Excellence:

Completion of our course culminates in the coveted designation of “LearningFurLove Certified Pet Owners.” This certification is not merely a badge; it symbolizes a commitment to excellence in pet ownership—a commitment to providing love, care, and a forever home, and a commitment to being a part of a groundbreaking initiative to create real tangible change in the growing numbers of the homeless pet population.

Supportive Features:

Education and Awareness Initiatives:

Complementing our course, LearningFurLove spearheads various educational topics to raise awareness about the importance of responsible pet ownership. From online resources to community forums, we strive to create a knowledgeable and compassionate community.

Collaboration with Rescues and Breeders:

LearningFurLove extends its influence by collaborating with reputable rescues and responsible breeders. By fostering alliances, we ensure that pet adoption and acquisition are aligned with the principles ingrained in our course and that pet owners have what they need to make pet ownership the best possible experience for the pets, their families and their communities.

Join Us in Transforming Pet Ownership:

LearningFurLove is not just a course; it’s a movement towards creating a world where every pet finds a loving and permanent home. Enroll in our course today, and let’s embark on a journey of education, awareness, and unparalleled support—a journey that leads to a brighter, more compassionate future for pets, their owners, and their communities alike.