Dr. Alex Crow (BVetMed MRCVS)

LearningFurLove is delighted to extend a warm welcome to Dr. Alex Crow, an esteemed RCVS accredited Veterinary surgeon practicing in the UK. Dr. Alex holds a distinguished degree in veterinary medicine from the Royal Veterinary College in London, ranking among the top three veterinary schools globally, earned in 2019. His specialization lies in Laparoscopic neutering (keyhole), showcasing a unique and valuable skill set.

We are truly excited to have Dr. Alex as a featured partner veterinarian on our platform. His wealth of knowledge, coupled with a profound love and compassion for animals, aligns seamlessly with LearningFurLove’s mission. Dr. Alex’s passion for online education for pet owners, as demonstrated through his contributions to various pet blog websites and his own platform at PetHealthGuru.com, is commendable.

At LearningFurLove, we believe in collaboration and learning from experts like Dr. Alex Crow to enhance our offerings and fulfill our mission of promoting responsible pet ownership, awareness, and support. We look forward to the insightful contributions and shared dedication towards creating a world where animal neglect, homelessness, and abuse become relics of the past.

Once again, welcome, Dr. Alex Crow, to the LearningFurLove community!