Lourdes Mª Arnedo Amat

I am Lourdes Mª Arnedo Amat and I have been passionately dedicated to veterinary medicine for 8 years. My professional career has been enriched with a specialization in Diagnostic Imaging in Small Animals, an area that has allowed me to delve deeper into the care and treatment of our smaller companions. Currently, I practice in a veterinary clinic specialized in small animals, where I perform a multifaceted role as a generalist, sonographer, and soft tissue surgeon. In addition, I work with a company in the United States, contributing my experience and knowledge in veterinary expert reports.

I consider myself a kind, responsible, and hardworking person, qualities that I find essential in my field of work. My commitment to animal welfare and my dedication to veterinary medicine drive me to continue growing professionally and to always provide the best possible care to the animals I treat.

A warm and heartfelt welcome to LearningFurLove Lourdes! We are absolutely delighted to have you and your esteemed partner, Daniel Francisco Román Camacho, join us as partner veterinarians and invaluable knowledge contributors to our Responsible Pet Ownership Awareness and Preparedness Course and to the LearningFurLove Community!

Your dedication to veterinary medicine spanning eight years is truly commendable, and your specialization in Diagnostic Imaging in Small Animals adds a unique depth to your expertise. We are honored to showcase your multifaceted role as a generalist, a sonographer, as well as a soft tissue surgeon in your small animal veterinary clinic. Your commitment to contributing your experience and knowledge to veterinary expert reports further underscores the breadth of your impact in the field.

Your kind, responsible, and hardworking nature shines through, embodying qualities that are essential in the world of veterinary medicine. We deeply appreciate your commitment to animal welfare and your unwavering dedication to providing the best possible care to the animals you treat.

LearningFurLove is not just a platform; it’s a community fueled by passion, expertise, and a shared love for animals. With your wealth of experience and genuine love for our furry companions, we are confident that your contributions will resonate profoundly with our audience and play a pivotal role in advancing our mission.

Once again, welcome to LearningFurLove! We look forward to a collaborative journey that celebrates your specialties, elevates responsible pet ownership and awareness, and, most importantly, reflects the deep bond we all share with the animals we hold dear.